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Steadfast Business Consulting LLP (SBC LLP)

Industry Vertical

Tax consulting and CA firm

Zoho Products

Zoho Analytics


Steadfast Business Consulting LLP (SBC LLP) is an entrepreneurial tax consulting and CA firm run by a dynamic team of young professionals who are Big 4 alumni. SBC provides tax, consulting, audit, financial advisory & CA services in India to clients within and beyond borders spanning multiple industries. With local connections and expertise with a global outlook and capabilities, SBC believes in providing holistic Tax Consulting solutions to clients tailored to meet business objectives and address the most complex challenges while being robust, scalable, and sustainable from a tax, legal, and regulatory perspective standpoint.


  • Client information, financial records, and tax returns were scattered across disparate systems, hindering comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

  • Lack of real-time insights into client trends.

  • To assign their key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Data entry, report generation, and client communication were dropped down by manual tasks, impacting efficiency and leading to errors.

  • Valuable data insights remained trapped in reports and spreadsheets, failing to reach and empower consultants and Chartered Accountants.


Acknowledging the complexity of the issue, Steadfast Business Consulting LLP made the thoughtful decision to join us in co-creating a resolution by migrating to Zoho Analytics:

  • Data Cleanup: The Mistakes missing information in the data were fixed. Assurance of data was made and then implemented.

  • Connecting Systems: Different ways were found for their different systems to work together to grab and share information.

  • Moving Data: Carefully moved all the data from the old systems to the new.

  • Finding Insights: Different reports were made to create easy-to-read dashboard and reports that shows the important trends and patterns of the data.


  • Data Paradise Found: The new platform made accessing and understanding data clearly.

  • Streamlined Operations: Automated Reports and digitized processes meant less manual work, which helps them to save time.

  • Visualization: Data is efficiently visualizable.


From multiple files to insights paradise, Steadfast Business Consulting LLP’s Zoho Analytics Implementation journey reminds us that even the most entrenched challenges can be overcome with vision, strategy, and a little data magic. As it has become very ease to analyze their data. It provides a clear roadmap for the firm struggling with data complexity.

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