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Berkadia Services India Private Limited

Industry Vertical

Commercial real estate

Zoho Products



Berkadia Services India Private Limited, A subsidiary of Berkadia, a leading U.S. commercial real estate company. It was Established in 2002, headquartered in Hyderabad, India. It has Over 1200 employees in India, part of a global network with 20,000+ employees. It offers the range of commercial real estate services, including Sales and investment, Finance, Valuation and advisory, Property management.

Berkadia has Strong financial performance, actively growing and expanding services. It Invests in technology and innovation to stay ahead of the curve. It is Committed to talent development, building a strong team of experts.

Berkadia Services India Private Limited, a leading real estate company, faced a data dilemma.


    • Data Silos: Customer, property, and loan data were scattered across disparate systems, hindering               comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

    • Data Quality: Inconsistent formats, missing values, and duplicate entries compromised data accuracy         and reliability and also the differed currency amount fluctuations which differed the entries as well as           transactions.

    • Operational Inefficiency: Manual data entry and transfer led to errors, delays and also improper                 entries.


Berkadia Services India Private Limited partnered with Learnall Solutions for implementation of a multi-phased approach to Zoho Books:

  • Data Assessment and Planning: Analyzed existing systems, data quality, and business needs to design a customized migration roadmap (by testing the files by importing in short phases etc.)

  • Data Cleansing and Standardization: Identified and corrected data inconsistencies, duplicates, and missing values to ensure accuracy and consistency and also the correction and reentering the differed currencies values.

  • Data Migration: Transferred data from legacy systems to the new platform, ensuring secure and complete migration.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Developed dashboards and reports to provide realtime insights into customer behavior, market trends, and loan performance.

  • Change Management and Training: Provided comprehensive training and support to employees to navigate the new system and get its benefits.


  • Improved Data Accuracy and Accessibility: Centralized data platform boosted data integrity and simplified access for authorized users.

  • Streamlined Operations: Automated workflows and data transfers minimized manual tasks, improved efficiency, and reduced errors.

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Unified data enabled.


Berkadia Services India Private Limited, data voyage wasn't a smooth sail, but with careful planning and analyzing the complicated data, they charted a course to success. Now, their data treasure map guides them to informed decisions, happy customers, and an ease of workflow. The currency fluctuations such as the transactions between currencies of two countries, had issues in calculation but they got solved. The differences of the taxes also were solved which got a clarified data import, and also helped in correct report matching.

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