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Case Studies

From chaos to clarity: Streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency with Zoho. Explore how we helped businesses overcome operational challenges and achieve new levels of productivity.




A powerhouse in commercial real estate, delivering financing, sales, and servicing solutions for multifamily and commercial properties.


Machine Max

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Machine Max is a leading provider of innovative solutions for heavy equipment management. They empower businesses in construction, mining, and other industries to optimize their fleets, boost productivity, and reduce costs.



Unify Technologies, a digital engineering powerhouse, helps global clients build software solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. They leverage expert software product engineering practices to deliver high-quality custom software, specializing in cloud, mobile, data, and AI advancements. With a mission to reinvent businesses digitally, their services span engineering, automation, sustenance, and content, guiding clients from idea to execution across various industries.


You-v Plylam is a plywood manufacturer in India, offering water-resistant sheets, doors, and veneers. They strive for sustainability and cater to diverse needs, from interior design to construction.

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The Learning Centre PU College (a unit of CFAL) is unique in providing a specialist STEM education to students from around the world as part of a small and caring community of like minded people.


From Agra, India, Virola International strides the world stage. For over 70 years, they've been shaping the footwear landscape, blending classic leather craftsmanship with trendy designs. Five factories churn out 4.5 million pairs yearly, gracing the feet of fashionistas in over 40 countries. Whether for their own brands or global giants, Virola ensures comfort, quality, and style with every step.

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