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The Learning Centre PU College

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Zoho Products


"Imagine an Educational Institute bursting with knowledge, but the bookshelves are overflowing, papers are scattered, and finding anything is a headache! This is what data can be like for an educational institute. Data migration is like reorganizing that library, putting everything in its proper place, and making it easy to access and use.”


The Learning Centre PU College (a unit of CFAL) is unique in providing a specialist STEM education to students from around the world as part of a small and caring community of like minded people. The genuine passion and excitement for Mathematics and Science is palpable around the College with students often found working on challenging problems.


The Learning Centre uses multiple software systems for admissions and finances. Data is scattered and complicated, making it hard to generate reports, track student fee details, and make informed decisions. As The institute has several institutes for several standards, they had many discrepancies in their data, the data was complex and also to consider for appropriate matching.


Data migration! TLC decides to move all their data to a single, central platform to Zoho Books:

  • Different systems speak different languages! Incompatible data structures such as masters, transactions to be proper and formats can make it hard to translate and transfer information smoothly.

  • Missing values, inconsistencies, and duplicate entries created confusion but where rectified and rectifications of errors such as improper taxes and inappropriate classifications of entries which were not as per Accounting Principles and Standards.

  • Optimize data transfer processes, test with smaller batches, and schedule migrations to minimize downtime.

  • Financial Reports such as Trial Balance, Balance where with a 100% match.


This brief conclusion summarizes the keys from data migration, emphasizing the importance of data quality, system integration, user engagement, and continuous improvement. It also transforms the internal process of managing such as:

  • Improved decision-making: Access to accurate and readily available data empowers informed choices for student support, resource allocation, and program enhancement.

  • Enhanced student management: Streamlined data access facilitates personalized learning experiences, improved academic tracking, and efficient communication with parents/guardians.

  • Streamlined operations: Visually diagramming workflows and optimizing data workflows results in cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved staff productivity

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