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Migrate your Focus data to Zoho Books in a few easy steps

Zoho Books is a cloud-based accounting software that can help you streamline your financial management. We can help you migrate your data from Focus quickly and easily, so you can start using Zoho Books to manage your business today.

Benefits of migrating to Zoho Books:

Streamline your financial management:

Get powerful reporting and analytics:

Seamlessly integrate with other Zoho products:

Get 24/7 customer support:

Step-by-step guide to data migration:

1. Export your data from Focus.

​2. Contact us to schedule a data migration               consultation.

3. We will migrate your data to Zoho Books. 

4.​ We will test the migrated data to ensure that       it is accurate and complete.

5. We handover the Zoho Books account.

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